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Alhambra Tutor

Vanessa is available to tutor students in TK-12th grade in various subjects, including reading, writing, math, science, and history. Vanessa is available at our Alhambra location. She is also proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish, making her available to communicate with families conversationally, tutor students in dual immersion programs, and tutor students learning Spanish as a foreign language.

In 2019, Vanessa's passion for sharing knowledge was sparked when she began working with university students as a laboratory assistant. Over the years, Vanessa has expanded her tutoring expertise to include students from TK-5th grade, showcasing her versatility as an educator. Her background includes valuable experience as a Lab Assistant at CSU Northridge College of Engineering & Computer Science and as a Lead Tutor at a non-profit organization serving elementary students in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas.

Vanessa has also instructed Spanish immersion classes for elementary students, making her available to assist students in dual immersion programs, those learning the Spanish language, and those who prefer to communicate in Spanish.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from California State University Northridge, Vanessa's educational foundation is strong. Her interest in computer programming led her to complete several computer science and computational linguistics courses to broaden her knowledge. Vanessa is currently pursuing a Speech Language Pathology Assistant degree at Pasadena City College and is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and skills in the field.

Vanessa's love for sharing knowledge is evident in her work with young students who often bring their curiosity and "but why?" questions. As a student, she understands the importance of individualized instruction in grasping challenging material. Vanessa values the privilege of connecting with students and assisting them on their unique learning journeys. Compassion is at the core of Vanessa's teaching philosophy. She not only serves as an academic tutor but also as a mentor, helping students develop their social-emotional learning skills. She takes pride in witnessing students grow emotionally and academically, especially those who have faced adversity in their formative years.

Outside of tutoring, Vanessa enjoys drawing, reading, exploring new bubble tea places and bakeries, and cherishing moments with loved ones. Her deep passion for linguistics and language-related topics is an intrinsic part of her identity. Vanessa's long-term goal is to provide speech therapy to individuals with communication disorders, further exemplifying her commitment to positively impacting people's lives.


If you seek a tutor who provides knowledge while fostering students' personal growth and emotional well-being, Vanessa is an excellent choice. Contact us today to schedule a tutoring session with Vanessa and embark on a fulfilling learning journey.

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